For the 5th year running PEX Network have hand-picked a series of case studies and thought leadership presentations regarding Business Process Management (BPM). You can learn from your peers how to take your BPM strategies to the next level and increase efficiency in your organization. In addition to these presentations we have made available a resource center for you on this page.

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September 25 to September 28

BPM Live Agenda

Session 2 - 10:30 am EST

Where AI and RPA meet in AP: Using machine learning to extract invoices and robotics to enter data into SAP 

Processing invoices is a challenge for every single company:

•      Image-based PDFs, documents, and email messages pour into businesses every day with invoice data
•      OCR is imperfect, and every variation of an invoice means a different set of rules
•      It’s too expensive and time consuming to configure rules or write scripts to automate the extraction of each invoice format

What’s the solution? WorkFusion brings together in one platform BPM, OCR, RPA, and cognitive automation to:

•      Configure an end-to-end workflow that pairs people and bots (BPM)
•      Digitize invoices (OCR)
•      Learn the content and context of invoices from a set of invoices and then automate attribute extraction (cognitive)
•      Enter invoice data into SAP (RPA).

The results? After learning from only 630 documents, WorkFusion brought STP rates for invoice extraction from 0% to 50% with 97% accuracy and reduced the time per invoice from 23 minutes to 1 minute.

Alan is a proven leader and entrepreneur who has a wide range of business experience in large and small companies. He started his career in the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power program where he learned that not everybody has the same idea about emerging technology. Alan comes to Nividous most recently from Freedom Mortgage where he ended his tenure as the Senior Vice President, Office of the CIO. The hybrid team concept which combined onshore and offshore resources and was largely responsible for the success at Freedom Mortgage is now serving as the model for growth and expansion of Nividous in the United States.

Alan Hester, President, Nividous

Alan Hester, President, Nividous

Alan is a proven leader and entrepreneur who has a wide range of business experience in large and small companies. He started his career in the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power program where he learned that not everybody has the same idea about emerging technology. Alan comes to Nividous most recently from Freedom Mortgage where he ended his tenure as the Senior Vice President, Office of the CIO. The hybrid team concept which combined onshore and offshore resources and was largely responsible for the success at Freedom Mortgage is now serving as the model for growth and expansion of Nividous in the United States.

All organizations and teams investing a great deal of time and money in their Business Process Management system, want to know that it will be used by its intended end users.

Dan Morris, Principal Managing Partner at Wendan Consulting & PEX Network Advisory Board Member, shares his expert insights on why business process management projects fail so often.

Discover how Business Process Management (BPM) can complement your Lean Six Sigma transformation and Lean BPM enhance the customer journey’s though enhanced connectivity.

Media Partners

To register please follow the links below each session in our agenda. This will take you directly to each sessions event page allowing you to register as well as watch the event both live and on-demand. All sessions are recorded so if you have missed any please feel free to still register for that session to enable the on-demand feature. We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy this exciting event

Day 1 -  Monday 25th September 2017

Session 1 - 09:00 am EST

Accelerate Your Business Process Improvement with Process Mining 

The world’s leading and most innovative organizations are embracing Process Mining to transform their businesses and launch themselves into the digital age. In this session Christoph Grossbaier, Business Development Manager at Celonis, introduces Process Mining, a breakthrough big data analytics technology powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Whether your aim is to improve processes to reduce costs or offer a world-class customer experience, the key to transformation is understanding your processes end-to-end.

Christoph is a Business Development Manager at Celonis. He has a successful track record of partnering with global companies such as Vodafone and Adobe to streamline operations and deliver better services. He focuses on corporate digital innovation initiatives, including RPA.

Christoph Grossbaier, Business Development Manager, Celonis

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Session 2 - 10:30 am EST

Modern Application Development for Digital Business

Organizations of all sizes are struggling to modernize their services and processes. Learn how to unite enterprise data with process to drive faster performance and a better customer experience.

Join industry expert Malcolm Ross, Vice President of Product at Appian as he explores an array of case studies demonstrating how companies have used BPM to help achieve organizational goals and accelerate digital transformation. 

By attending this session you will learn:

  • How BPM enables digital transformation
  • How to attain a complete view of your customer – in the right business context
  • How to unify systems of record under a simple interface that accelerates work and increase user engagement

Live Demo

Appian: The Digital Transformation Platform™

This session will overview application platform capabilities. Take advantage of the power of modern BPM. Design, execute, manage and optimize your processes — all with the Appian Digital Transformation Platform.

This demo will showcase:

  • Enabling smarter decisions and faster business actions
  • Driving engagement with employees and customers
  • Providing a single comprehensive platform for the rapid creation and use of modern business applications

Malcolm Ross is the VP of Product at Appian. Malcolm has been directly involved in the management and implementation of enterprise software solutions for over 18 years. Malcolm is a frequent speaker and writer covering the application of BPM technology to solve real-world business problems. Malcolm received his BS degree in Computer Science with a minor in Actuarial Mathematics from Florida State University.

Malcolm Ross, Vice President of Product, Appian

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Day 2 Tuesday 26th September 2017

Session 1 - 09:00 am EST

Do You Really Need BPM?  The Case for Agile Business Process Automation and Orchestration 

Join us if you and your company:

  • Are evaluating (or starting to evaluate) business process automation technologies (BPM, RPA, BPA) to help transform your business
  • Have deployed BPM or RPA technologies but are still struggling to reach your business transformation goals
  • Struggle delivering stellar customer experience because of  an aging code base or legacy systems

This insightful session will look to teach attendees:

  • The difference between business process management, robotic process automation and agile business process automation and when to use.
  • The do’s and don’ts of transforming your business with process automation (with case studies)
  • How to get started automating your company’s business processes.

As an added bonus all attendees of this session will receive a free copy of Making The Case for Agile Business Process Automation:  Thoughts on Business Transformation, Customer Experience and the Current State of BPM.

Live Demo

Agile Business Process Automation with Everteam

The session will also include a quick overview of the everteam.process platform.

This demo will showcase:

  • Open standards
  • Rapid modeling an ideation
  • Re-usable building blocks

Dan is passionate about helping organizations rapidly connect people, process and content to improve customer experience, streamline business processes, optimize records management, and adhere to compliance requirements  He is very active on social media and is the author of a several blogs and an e-book on business process automation.  Dan resides in Greenville, SC with his wife Becky, their 3 boys (Danny, Ben, and Titus) and 1 girl (Tori), 2 dogs, a cat, fish and various other pets and enjoys coaching basketball, reading, and travel with his family.

Dan Griffith, Enterprise Director of Sales, Everteam

Esteban Felipe, Everteam.Process Product Manager, Everteam

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Session 2 - 10:30 am EST

Say Hello to Self-Service BPM 

McDermott is a leading engineering, procurement, construction, and installation organization that works in the energy sector. They were facing many requests from various departments to create automated workflows for their processes. These department heads were very tech savvy and wanted to have control over the process and the technology. McDermott introduced KiSSFLOW as a tool to allow all of their teams to create and manage their own workflows to provide more flexibility and ease up on the IT team.

Attendees to this session will learn:

  • Why self-service BPM will be a major trend
  • Lessons from launching a new platform across many different geographies
  • What processes are most likely to be created by teams

Live Demo

Self-Service BPM with KiSSFLOW

This demo will focus on the ease-of-use and progressive user-interface of KiSSFLOW while never missing out on BPM features. We will highlight how to build automated processes and how integrations can be built into the product.

This demo will showcase:

  • Ease of use
  • Ability to hand over BPM to department leads
  • How the SaaS and Cloud model fits best for enterprises

Renee Villarreal is the manager of Global Application Management and Support for McDermott. She oversaw the international launch and implementation of a self-service workflow system. She manages all the technology applications across the company.

Renee Villarreal, Senior IT Manager - Global Application Management, and Supports, McDermott

Neil Miller, Media Marketing Manager, Kissflow

Neil Miller is the Media Marketing Manager for OrangeScape, makers of KiSSFLOW. He interacts with KiSSFLOW’s clients to find ways to share their stories and also offer continuing value to companies who are implementing automation. He loves to hear new ways that organizations are streamlining their processes, and spends his free time thinking about the coming automation onslaught, self-driving cars, and the Human-Computer Symbiosis.

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Session 3 - 12:00 pm EST

Low-Code Development for Fun and Profit

Ian Melchior's presentation on Zoho Creator will focus on how his team built applications in which are used throughout the company. These apps have improved efficiency, standardized processes, and helped to maintain quality standards in every department. Coming from a non-technical background, Ian will show how anyone with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness can build web and mobile applications for anything form personal use to enterprise-level apps.

Live Demo

Low-code and Mobile: Powering the future of process automation

The session will provide an overview of  Zoho Creator’s capabilities in workflow automation, data management and ready-made mobile apps. It will showcase the platform’s ability to quickly build and setup applications that can work with data from your existing systems.

This demo will showcase:

  • Low-code cloud environment ensures rapid application development and delivery
  • A responsive design seamlessly accommodates changing process requirements
  • Build once, run everywhere - mobile, tablet or PC  
  • Upcoming developments in custom mobile app development and process automation

Ian Melchior is the VP of Technology at EcoMark Solar. Born and raised in Wyoming, he now lives in Denver, Colorado by way of a circuitous route through Beijing. In addition to leading the IT team at EcoMark Solar, he also heads the Mandatory Fun Committee. The highlight of Ian's work week is writing the company newsletter, a heterogeneous mixture of news, history, commentary, and propaganda.

Ian Melchior, Vice President - Technology, EcoMark Solar

Akshaya Chandrasekaran, Product Marketer, Zoho Creator

Akshaya is a Product Marketer at Zoho Creator. With an eye for design and passion for innovation she brings new perspectives to traditional ideas. As someone from a non-technical background, she has interacted with and assisted many customers to build complex apps on Zoho Creator. She firmly believes in, and works towards communicating Zoho’s vision for citizen development.

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Day 3 Wednesday 27th September 2017

Session 1 - 09:00 am EST

Equifax UK: Improvement at the centre of our business 

In early 2015 Equifax UK began the hunt for a robust and scalable management system that could support and sustain their ongoing quality, improvement and regulatory requirements.

This presentation looks at just how we achieved that and the resulting benefits delivered to-date.

Benefits to attending this session:

  • Senior leadership will learn the business case for BPM
  • Process professionals will learn the best practice implementation approach for a BPM system
  • End users will learn how a BPM system will benefit them

Live Demo 

Delivering improvement right at the heart of your business

This demonstration will show the BPM system implemented by Equifax and just how it supports and sustains their ongoing quality, improvement and regulatory requirements.

This demo will showcase:

  • An easy to understand, easy to use, secure system, intelligently presenting all your processes, policies, forms and guidance documents
  • Regulatory requirements catered for as standard
  • Improvement as business as usual

Eva is a Quality and Improvement specialist with over 25 years’ experience in delivering  governance and improvement programmes which support and sustain revenue and compliance to the key ISO standards for Quality, Environment, Information Security and Service Management.

Eva has been with the Global Consumer Solutions part of Equifax for the last 2.5 years and successfully implemented a brand new QMS in less than 10 months, fully aligned to ISO9001:2015 and supporting operational capability which achieved full FCA authorisation in 2017.

Eva chose Triaster Process Navigator to support the new quality programme and launched their bespoke online portal called HUB, giving the user community access to data rich process and management information in real time.

Eva is a Lean Practitioner and Lead Auditor for ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and ISO20000.

Eva Newberry, Senior Manager – Business Quality Assurance, Global Consumer Solutions, Equifax UK

Michael Cousins, Managing Director, Triaster Ltd

Michael founded Triaster in 1994 and remains its Managing Director. It has been his vision that has driven the Triaster platform to support process mapping, management and improvement as business as usual and he is the originator of the Noun-Verb Method that underpins this. Michael is a Chartered Quality Professional, a Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute and a Doctor of Mathematics.

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Session 2 - 10:30 am EST

How Sprig Electric benefits from leveraging BPM & Case Management Software accelerating time-to-strategy execution

Intelligent Business Process Automation tools are vital for every organization that strives to stay ahead of the curve in the era of digitalization. Moreover, working in today’s fast-paced environment requires exceptional level of agility and non-standard approaches in achieving businesses goals and outstanding the competition.

Sprig Electric, one of the largest contractors in California, which designs, builds and services electrical and low voltage systems, deployed bpm’online’s intelligent low-code platform to more effectively manage business processes and make data-backed decisions to streamline specific businesses operations through the unique synergy of BPM + Case Management technologies.

Bpm’online is happy to share its expertise on how BPM and Case Management techniques centralized on a single platform helps businesses to manage their unique industry-specific businesses processes and increase your operational efficiency.
action (cognitive)

Watch this session and find out:

  • How BPM technology can make the speed of strategy execution your true success enabler.
  • How intelligent platform for business process management can help you to overcome operational challenges. 
  • How to harmoniously use BPM approach and Case Management techniques contributing to the effectiveness of your organization.

Live Demo

Bpm’online studio – Intelligent platform for business process management

Discover an intelligent low-code platform, which enables businesses from various industries, as well as system integrators and software developers to create custom applications for their specific business needs.

This demo will showcase:

  • Intelligence - Intelligent technologies that help users automate routine operations
  • Out-of-the-box - Preconfigured solutions for marketing, sales and service to achieve desired business results faster
  • Low-code - How to build apps and solutions faster with bpm’online low-code development platform

Matthew brings more than 10 years of experience in the CRM space, especially in marketing automation field. As a marketer, designer and creative problem solver, Matthew is focused on innovating the way brands optimize their customer relationships across channels.

At bpm’online Matthew is responsible for evangelizing bpm’online technologies and promoting CRM products. Extensive knowledge of product marketing and customer success and his great personality allow him for building loyal and successful business relationships with customers, partners, local and national analysts, leaders and influencers and other community members.

Matthew’s background as an Advisor, VP of Customer Retention and Customer Experience covers successful communication automation projects on developing effective customer acquisition and revenue growth strategies. In addition to his enthusiasm for brand development and online marketing, Matt is an expert in behavior design - using data science, psychology, and creativity to design communication strategies based on specific user behavior pattern analysis.

Matthew Tharp, Chief Evangelist, bpm’online

Mark Headley, Systems Development Manager, Sprig Electric

Alex Petrunenko, Head of Pre-Sales, bpm'online

With over five years of a hands-on technical experience, Alex’s background covers profound expertize in Specialized Software, BPMS, Information technology management.

Alex has proven to be extremely successful at developing of software deployment concept, and executing customer pilot projects based on understanding the technical environment, in-depth knowledge of key business issues/drivers and future technology requirements.

Possessing excellent presentation and consultative skills Alex provides comprehensive technical requirements analysis to address customer needs, recommends solutions that optimize value for the customer, maintains test product operations, analyses workflow and recommends changes within the system that will make the customer’s experience easier and more intuitive.

With a passion for innovating solutions, Mark has always worked towards the goal of bridging the communication gap between end users and developers to deliver the best quality products through agile project management. His expectation for each project is to be the voice and ear of understanding to create/leverage proper software and processes that effect the highest level of return.

With over a decade of experience in the technology field, his yearning for continuous improvement through people, process, and systems will be his driving force to succeed.

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To register please follow the links below each session in our agenda above. This will take you directly to each sessions event page allowing you to register as well as watch the event both live and on-demand. All sessions are recorded so if you have missed any please feel free to still register for that session to enable the on-demand feature. We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy this exciting event

Session 2 - 10:30 am EST

Social BPM as a Means of Communication

Valentin Jäger will explain how he used Signavio in his Business Process Management project to optimize acceptance and understanding of quality management processes throughout the entire organization. 

Taifun Tofu Products used BPM as a means of communication, in particular using Signavio’s collaborative and social BPM features. He will also describe how engaging the process expertise of employees made for a successful project and how BPM supported transparency and compliance with increasingly complex quality management regulations in the food industry.

By attending this session you will learn:

  • A new view on process management
  • What was, and still is, important to Taifun regarding BPM
  • Three secret “black forest” principles

Live Demo

Process Change Through Collaboration

This session will overview how to collaborate with different stakeholders in order to optimize a process, and how to collect feedback from different stakeholders and incorporate it effectively. 

This demo will showcase:

  • Collaboration Functionalities 
  • Publishing of Models 
  • Changing Models

Valentin Jäger, Manager Quality Management / IT, Taifun Tofu

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Sebastian Lesser, Customer Success Manager, Signavio

Sebastian holds a Master in Management and IT from the Universtity of St. Andrews. Before he joined Signavio as a Customer Success Manager on year ago he worked as a technical consultant at Meltwater.

Day 4 Thursday 28th September 2017

Session 1 - 09:00 am EST

How Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Replaced Paper Trails and Increased Collaboration with No Code BPM 

In this session, you will learn how Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) introduced new efficiencies, while increasing cross-department collaboration and meeting compliance requirements.

Martyn Coleman, IT Systems Architect from LSTM, will explain how a no code BPM tool transformed their organization, delivering huge efficiency gains and dramatically reducing turnaround time.

Attendees to this session will learn:

  • How to successfully replace over 60 paper-based processes using the FlowForma no code BPM tool, all while reducing errors and increasing productivity 
  • How to replace manual paper-based processes with automated electronic forms workflow providing greater visibility throughout your organization
  • How you can dramatically increase collaboration and productivity in your organization while maximising your Microsoft investment

Live Demo

Empower Your Process Owners with No Code BPM

The demonstration will show how seamlessly you can deploy and manage your processes with no code BPM, with no reliance on your IT department.

Attendees will learn about features, such as Steps & Questions Engine, Flow Designer, Form Designer, Business Rules and Document Generation.

This demo will showcase:

  • The ability to create complex forms and workflows without the need to write code
  • Several functions (forms, workflow, document generation and mobile accessibility) combined into one integrated no code tool
  • The ability for process owners to prototype, test and deploy online processes at least ten times faster than traditional BPM tools.

IT Systems Architect for Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Martyn Coleman, IT Systems Architect, LSTM

Robert McGarry, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), FlowForma

Robert has over 16 years’ experience in senior sales positions and specializes in enterprise software and business process design. With his strategic thinking and expertise, Robert leads the FlowForma Sales team.

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Paul Stone, Solutions Architect, FlowForma

With 27 years’ experience in the IT industry, Paul is FlowForma’s go-to product expert, both from a business and technical perspective. A founding member of FlowForma, Paul also sits on the Innovation Council, ideating new concepts for our product’s roadmap.