Live from the 2017 edition of RPA & AI Summit, Yuval Dvir, Head of EMEA Online Partnerships at Google discusses the recent rise of RPA and AI, and how to maintain a balance of intelligence, machine and human for the future workplace.

By watching this FREE live recording, you will learn how to:

  • Ensure AI remains open, transparent and democratize across companies, verticals and industries
  • Bring machine learning and artificial intelligence to your people, simplify it and get them to use it at your organisation
  • Allow people to make sense of unstructured data such as text and videos using artificial intelligence
  • Apply machine learning and Cloud services to business decisions and open up a Pandora of opportunities
  • Complete and utter personalization through digital transformation: Benefits and drawbacks.

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Live with Google: Balancing the Future Workplace

Learn how Google maintains the right balance of intelligence, machine and human for the future workplace...

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