If you have hundreds of processes across operations you’re going to struggle to get everyone on the same page

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Meet our guest - Karla Younger

Karla Younger is the vice president of HR Services for Coca-Cola Business Services North America where she is accountable for human resource services operations and transformation. She has been in shared services for 17 years and has contributed to the Coke system for more than 23 years in total.

During her tenure, Karla has launched Payroll Shared Services within Coca-Cola Enterprises Finance Shared Services start-up, led the HR Shared Services organization at launch, and contributed to the start-up of a multi-function Business Services organization within Coca-Cola Refreshments now called Coca-Cola Business Services North America.

Karla and her team are committed to a continuous focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness and delivering value to customers.

Watch back this excellent webinar with Karla Younger, Vice President of HR Services for Coca-Cola Business Services, North America. 

When you’re the world’s largest and most valuable beverage brand, how do you simplify your processes to keep the business working optimally, and communicate best practice across a global network of partners?

Simplify Your Process Design: Coca-Cola

Watching Karla Younger's session to get a glimpse of how documenting and standardizing processes online creates a solid foundation for an optimized model. 

Karla’s presentation starts by differentiating between customer and consumer, though the company keeps a focus on sustainable growth of both groups. In the past, the Coca-Cola Company’s process mapping was done in PowerPoint and shared on email, but if you have hundreds of processes across operations you will struggle to get everyone on the same page.

The question then becomes: who has the latest version, who’s keeping it up to date, and more?

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